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ProfExam Simulator

Simple exam simulator

For Windows

Version: 6.7.1809.1303

Date: September 13, 2018

For Mac OS X

Version: 6.1.20171209

Date: December 09, 2017

For iOS



Coming in February 2018

For Linux



Coming in March 2018

ProfExam Suite

Exam Simulator + Exam Builder

For Windows

Version: 6.7.1809.1303

Date: September 13, 2018

Frequently asked questions

  • question_answerWhat are the limits of the demo version?
    In the demo version you will be able to access only first 5 or 10 questions from exam.
  • question_answerHow do I uninstall demo version of software?
    Windows: To uninstall your trial version on a Windows device, close any open Adobe software on your computer, open the Windows Control Panel and double-click Programs and Features. Click on ProfExam (Suite or Simulator), and select "Uninstall" from the menu.
    Mac OS: To remove the demo version on a Mac: open a Finder window, clicking "Applications" in the sidebar, Control-clicking or right-clicking the application's icon, and selecting "Move to Trash".
  • question_answerWhere can I find exams?
    We do not provide any practice exams directly. Many exams, however, are available on the Internet. For example, try searching for a term such as "exam files vcex".