ProfExam Suite

This solution includes both the Exam Simulation and the Exam Builder. The latter is a simple and convenient tool for creating and editing your own exams.

Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS X
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Exam Simulator

Do you need to pass an exam? Prepare yourself for a test with the best Exam Simulator.

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Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS X

No Subscription

No monthly subscription whatsoever. You simply get the license to the version of the app that you pay for. Crystal clear and fair. No monthly payments required.

1 License 2 PC

You are allowed to put one license of ProfExam on two computers as long as one is a work station and the other could be a home computer. The same person has to be the user on both computers.

Unlimited Usage

Retake exams as many times as you need.
No limitations!

ProfExam Simulator

The best simulator for exam preparation

Session Configurator
Configure the session before taking the test to hide or display the hints, shuffle questions and answers.

6 Question Types
Single choice, Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Hot spot, Hot area, Drag & drop.

Result Review
Review your answers and compare them with the correct ones when the testing is over. Reviewing answers is just as important when preparing to take an exam.

ProfExam Simulator

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ProfExam Buider

Create your own tests

Visual Exam Editor
Visual exam editor will help you create your own full-featured tests with rich text and images.

Import from RTF & PDF
Exams in PDF or RTF can be easily converted into the EXAM format. That allows you to edit the exams and then play them back with the internal exam player.

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What's New in ProfExam

Interactive Questions

New types of questions are meant to enhance the testing possibilities. We've introduced 3 new types of questions:

  • Hot Point
  • Hot Area
  • Drag and Drop
Exam Files List

The list of exam files in ProfExam Simulator has become even more informative and easy to use. Exam numbers are highlighted, whereas the list itself can be sorted by name or popularity of the exams.

Exam Settings

We reworked the new session settings window and took into account some user's suggestions, including a new option to run the exam in Training Mode.

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  • Version: 6.7.1809.1303
  • Date: September 13, 2018
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • File Size: 12 Mb


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