ProfExam Suite

Software suite designed for creating, editing, and taking tests and exams. It is widely used in education, exam preparation, and certification fields, as well as in the corporate environment for conducting internal assessments of employee knowledge.

ProfExam Simulator

The Professional Exam Simulator will assist you in preparing for the exam and evaluating your knowledge. The application can both assess your knowledge and facilitate self-learning. It features a user-friendly interface, hints display, customizable testing parameters, result evaluation, and much more.

Windows 11/10
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Professional Exam Simulator

The ultimate choice for those involved in exam creation, administration, and preparation

ProfExam provides all the necessary tools for creating, managing, and taking exams and tests, making the exam preparation process more efficient and convenient for users. It includes two key applications:

ProfExam Simulator

Powerful Tool for Exam Preparation

ProfExam Simulator is an exam preparation and exam simulator program designed to help you prepare for exams effectively. It provides training and testing on various types of questions similar to those encountered in real exams. With its user-friendly interface and conditions closely resembling actual exam situations, ProfExam Simulator ensures a comprehensive and realistic preparation experience.

ProfExam Lite
  • Different types of questions
  • Flexible exam settings before testing
  • 3 testing modes: Exam, Preparation, Training
  • Management of exam file library
  • Viewing results and error correction

ProfExam Creator

User-Friendly Visual Exam Creator

ProfExam Creator is a powerful visual editor for creating and editing exams and tests, ideal for exam preparation. It supports various question types. The program can import exams from TXT/RTF/PDF files and offers a user-friendly interface for easy exam management. Whether you are preparing for certification exams or conducting knowledge assessments, ProfExam Creator ensures a smooth and intuitive exam creation experience.

ProfExam Pro
  • WYSIWYG editor for formatting questions and answers.
  • Creating various types of questions.
  • Importing questions from TXT/RTF/PDF files.
  • Intuitively understandable visual interface.
  • Organizing questions into sections for convenience.

Get all the features at a more affordable price!

If you're interested in purchasing both applications, consider the ProfExam Suite package. It includes both the Exam Creator and Exam Simulator, and also offers a discount for purchasing them together.

Additionally, you can choose between a regular lifetime license or opt for a monthly subscription to ProfExam Suite.

ProfExam Creator
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ProfExam Creator

Create your own tests

Visual Exam Editor
Visual exam editor will help you create your own full-featured tests with rich text and images.

Import from RTF & PDF
Exams in PDF or RTF can be easily converted into the EXAM format. That allows you to edit the exams and then play them back with the internal exam player.

ProfExam Simulator

The best simulator for exam preparation

Session Configurator
Configure the session before taking the test to hide or display the hints, shuffle questions and answers.

6 Question Types
Single choice, Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Hot spot, Hot area, Drag & drop.

Result Review
Review your answers and compare them with the correct ones when the testing is over. Reviewing answers is just as important when preparing to take an exam.