Excellent news for those of you who have been waiting for the moment when ProfExam Creator's operations over questions become more convenient: it's happened.

So, first, you can now copy the entire question and then paste it to the other exam. You are not even limited by the current test - questions can be pasted this way in any other open ProfExam editor as well.

If you need to move a question from one exam to the other, now you can do that easier than ever, by dragging it with the mouse.

Also, there are new hotkeys for working with the questions tree:

  • Ins - insert a new exam or question
  • Del - delete exam or question
  • F2 - rename item
  • Ctrl+C - copy question to clipboard
  • Ctrl-X - cut question
  • Ctrl-V - paste question

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: ProfExam Suite