At this moment, the update is only available for Windows. The Mac OS X and iOS versions are waiting to be approved in AppStore.

What we have changed:

  • We had to change the file format, as the old format could not handle files of large size.
  • ProfExam Creator now opens files with the *.exam extension as well.
  • The toolbar now has a button for publishing files in the ".exam" format.
  • Slightly improved importing text files.
  • Fixed bugs that caused abnormal termination of the applications (both Player and Creator).
  • Internal improvement of the application automatic update feature.
  • Fixed minor flaws. (Can anyone sustain without them?)

The update, we hope, will run automatically. If not, you can download the latest versions from the product's home pages:

ProfExam Suite:

This update is 100% free. To activate the application, use your existing key.