Exam Simulator for Mac OS

Do you need to pass an exam? Prepare yourself for a test with the best Exam Simulator.

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macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor

The Best Exam Simulator for Exam Preparation on a Mac

Take advantage of ProfExam Simulator, the solution designed specifically for preparation to certification IT exams.

ProfExam - Exam Simulator for Mac OS

Friendly, Clear, Contemporary Design

All elements of the app's user interface are properly positioned, so nothing will distract you during the testing.

Simple Questions

What an exam can be without questions where one needs to check the correct answer?

ProfExam Simulator supports 3 major types of simple questions:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Filling in blanks
  • filter_dramaSingle choice
    Exam Simulator for Windows - Single choice
  • placeFilling in blanks
    Exam Simulator for Windows - Filling in blanks
  • whatshotMultiple choice
    Exam Simulator for Windows - Multiple choice
  • filter_dramaPoint & Shoot
    Exam Simulator for Windows - Point & Shoot
  • placeHot Area
    Exam Simulator for Windows - Hot Area
  • whatshotDrag & Drop
    Exam Simulator for Windows - Drag & Drop

Interactive Questions

Sometimes it's much easier to click on or select the correct answer on an image than to type many words. So, along with the knowledge you will also need the mouse to give the answer here.

  • Point & Shoot
    Place the mouse pointer in the right position over the image.
  • Hot Area
    Mark the correct variants of the answer.
  • Drag & Drop
    Drag the answer to the right position on the image.


Your exam history

ProfExam Simulator stores all your sessions along with the answers and the results.

Want to see how you answered the questions earlier? Just open the required session, and it will be restored in full.

Storing sessions

Not only complete sessions can be restored. You can pause on your exam at any time and later resume it from the point where you had dropped.

Exam Simulator for Windows - Sessions

Exam Simulator for Windows - new exam session

Session Setup

Flexible configuration of testing parameters

To better prepare yourself to an exam, you should know the correct answers, not the question and the answer numbers. You can configure your session to prepare yourself to the exam most efficiently:

  • Display questions in a certain order or randomly
  • Toss answers or leave them intact
  • Hide or show hints during the testing
  • Enable or disable session timer
  • Specify the number of questions in the new session

Testing Modes

ProfExam Simulator can run in two modes.

  1. Self-preparation
    When taking this test, you can view the correct answers. If you doubt about your choice, you can view the correct answer.

  2. Virtual exam
    This mode is made for assessing your knowledge. No hints or correct answers can be seen until the testing is finished.

Exam Simulator for Windows - testing modes

Exam Simulator for Windows - File manager

File Management

Your exam files will no longer get lost. Even if by accident you delete them from the disk.

Just open any *.vcex file or drag it to the application, and you no longer need to worry about the safety of it.

All Questions at Once

Sometimes it's simpler to skip a question and leave it for later. To ensure that no unanswered questions have been left, ProfExam Simulator allows you to view all questions on a single screen.

The list displays all marked and unanswered questions. Just as it is in the real life, each unanswered question negatively affects the final score. ProfExam Simulator helps you avoid that.

Exam Simulator for Windows - all questions


ProfExam Simulator Has No Limits

If you used similar solutions for preparing yourself to certification exams, most likely you faced the problem of the limited number of files that can be opened (per hour/day/week/month).

ProfExam doesn't have such restrictions. Open as many files as you need.

Try ProfExam Simulator

  • Version: 6.1.20171209
  • Date: December 09, 2017
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • File Size: 12 Mb


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